Can you imagine the world without elephants? Or tigers? Or orangutans, gorillas, rhinos? Me neither. But really imagine. Imagine yourself talking to your children or grandchildren about all these animals that we're now taking for granted, as in past tense - "once there were -elephant, tiger, orangutan, gorilla, turtle, rhino,…- living on this planet." What will be your excuse when they ask you why they are extincted, why your generation has let that happen?

We don't think often about this problem, because it's so far from our comfortable homes. But today, this very day is the day we're faced with the greatest number of animals that are seriously at risk of extinction.

We should have more respect towards all beings living on this planet otherwise we'll have to face this picture. The only places to see all these animals will be natural history museums. This will be our sad image in the mirror.

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