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Moj imaginarijum (MNE) | Book illustration

The illustration was done as a part of "Moj imaginarijum" project. I was invited to recreate Danilo Bulatović's, a 9-year-old kid, drawing into illustration in my style. The two creatures on the illustration are Jelenko and Drvenko Slikaroš, the duo who is making the world a better place with their magical powers - Jelenko destroys evil and cleans the environment, while Drvenko is adding colors to the world. That is how young 9-years-old boy Danilo imagined and draw them, and I’ve reinterpreted his drawing in my own style. The project was published as a book, and all money collected from the sales was donated to Orphanage "Mladost" in Bijela, Herceg Novi, Boka Bay, Montenegro.